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Since 1994, designed in Slovenia and made in Europe. They are something special, the SENS brand owner is a renowned fashion designer, she incorporates details that give the suits a sense of uniqueness.

Our advantages are top quality production, design and fabric choice while keeping the price affordable.

In our store you can choose from 1200 suits in all standard sizes for all occasions. We also offer tuxedos (black tie) and tail coats (white tie).


We care where and what our suits are made of.

We included the ecological fabric “New Life & Wool” into our new collection.

The fabric is made out of ecological merino wool and poliester fibre, that is extracted from used plastic bottles.

Production is located in North Italy, where a purely mechanical process is used, without environmentaly harming chmemical additives, which leads to great savings: 94% less water is used and 32% less CO2 emissions are produced, saving 60% of the energy. 

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Designed in Slovenia and ment for those, that desire something different for their bussiness or formall wear. High quality fabric and an original design are the added values that convince even the most demanding customer.

In our store you will also find shirts from the German brand OLYMP. Their color pallet and bussines collection completes our selection.

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We offer a wide choice of fashion accesories from our own production like bow ties, ties and handkerchief. Most of the time they are made from a fabric that connect to our other products.

We also cooperate with local accessories designers whose products give our stylings an added value.

The purpose of your daily suit can be changed when combined with thougtfully chosen fashion accessories. 

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Mens Suits BAUMLER

Moška maturantska obleka, moška poročna obleka, moška poslovna obleka baumler

In an effort to satisfy even the most demanding customers we decided to cooperate with the German brand Buamler

They offer high quality bussines suits in all sizes with an option of different jacket and trouser sizes.

You will also find hand made suits made from fabrics by producers like Zegna and Cerruti, made from 100% wool super 130S with anti-wrinkling features.

We give great emphasis on the quality and design of mens shows. In our store you will find a wide variety of hand made leather shoes from the Italian manufacturer and designer MARINNI, whose tradition reaches back into the year 1945.

Carefully chosen materials, thought out design and quality production.

Shoes for all opportunities also in blue and burgundy color.

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Tuxedo, tail coat

TAIL COAT or white tie

Is the highest level of clothing. It is compulsory at events that start after 6pm like royal visits, charity balls and receptions on the highest level.

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TUXEDO or black tie

Is the second highest level of clothinga. It is for events after 6pm like festive evening events, balls and club nights.

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