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We give value to mens clothes…

Since 1994, designed in Slovenia and made in Europe. They are something special, the SENS brand owner is a renowned fashion designer, she incorporates details that give the suits a sense of uniqueness.

The secret is in the details.

The purpose of a mans suit can be changed if combined with the right fashion accessories. 

Ecological collection

We care where and what our suits are made of.

We included the ecological fabric “New Life & Wool” into our new collection.

The fabric is made out of ecological merino wool and poliester fibre, that is extracted from used plastic bottles.

Production is located in North Italy, where a purely mechanical process is used, without environmentaly harming chmemical additives, which leads to great savings: 94% less water is used and 32% less CO2 emissions are produced, saving 60% of the energy.