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Sens, a well thought out name…


The story of Slovenian men’s wear trade mark SENS began in 1994. I gave much thought to choosing the name and logo of my company. The meaning of the word SENS reminds me of the sense of being and touch for aesthetics (sens- French: sense, touch, and feeling). The biggest challenge in the first few years was to find a way, how to make production of clothes without an initial capital and bank support.

The first series of clothes were made on the basis of good business arrangements and trust- we were provided materials instead of being paid for our work etc. The challenge to design for men at the time, when strict classical clothes ruled the market, was more powerful than obstacles that were hindering my career path SENS became recognizable through interesting products, which filled the shelves of different shops. Products themselves formed our marketing strategy, because we could not afford to pay for advertisements at the time. The customers began to accept SENS for its quality and interesting design, colours and materials. That was the biggest reason for my personal satisfaction which is also the source of my energy for designing new collections and making business plans.

When designing clothes, I still pay delicate attention to details, which makes our clothes unique. To please our customers, I don’t mind putting more effort even in a small quantity of unique suits or shirts, so that we provide a diverse collection.
It means a lot to me, if we can build our story together with the partners, who are decently paid for the high quality of their work. I support fair trade and good relations among staff members, and live my life according to these values.


Now Sens is a well- known and valued menswear trademark in Slovenia. We are creating our new stories and collections with our treasured co-workers. We are relying on our excellent subcontractors at other locations in Europe. At the end of 2006, we opened our first retail shop, where we offer the biggest range of men suits, shirts and accessories in Slovenia. Some of our products are also available at carefully selected shops in Slovenia and in Croatia.


  • We are aesthetics. We like to discover new lines in styles and textures in fabrics. We allow ourselves to be daring.
  • We are using different fabrics from wool, silk, viscose to polyester. We are offering a fabric with the composition of 100% wool (Super fine 130S) and we are about to start working with eco fabrics.
  • You can choose from more than 1200 different suits, a wide variety of shirts and accessories in our main season for all occasions in our shop.
  • We are offering classic and fashionable suits in 3 lengths (standard, short, long), and all sizes from 44- 64, from 23-32, from 90- 126.
  • We can advise our customers about all dress codes. You can get all the necessary accessories in our shop.
  • Our staff members possess the necessary expertise and experience to help you with making the best and quickest decision.

About me

My career path actually started, when I was a student at the Faculty of Design and Fashion in Ljubljana. I was designing, making and selling women’s winter coats during my studies. I have always wanted to develop something unique or have a trademark of my own. My dream came true a bit later, when I established my company and trademark SENS. It wasn’t very hard for me to see a gap in the market of menswear. Personally, I’ve always been a combination of a designer and an entrepreneur and that was definitely an advantage. With my menswear collection I participated in many fashion fairs and fashion shows in and out of Slovenia. With expanding my contact base I got many new customers who I’m still working with. I think my customers can see and feel the energy I invest in my designs that gives it an even greater value.

Zlata Zavašnik


Zlata Zavašnik

Director & Designer

Andreja Drofenik

Office Manager

sandra kuhar

Store manager

Pier pierre noir

Sales Consultant

mihela pirc

Sales Consultant

Isma Trnjanin

Sales consultant



Contact form

SENS Store

Trgovina Sens, Btc City Ljubljana

 SENS Store in BTC City Ljubljana (TPC Diamant, next to Emporium).

Working hours

MON – FRI 10 – 20, SAT 9 – 18


Italijanska ulica 8
1000 Ljubljana


+386 (0)1 547 65 02

Stores where you can also find SENS products:


MOD ART d.o.o.

Slamnikarska 3, Domžale

01 724 45 88